Hello Mr Ducky! Bye bye Mr Ducky!



Hello families,

This week we want to show you two of our many favourite routines of the English class. We love to say hello to Mr. Ducky and we enjoy waving goodbye and giving kisses at the end of the class. These are the two most important, the beginning and the end and the main goal we aim to achieve with these two moments is to make sure that the children learn and control the rhythm of the session. To make that possible we have to stablish a very strong routine that allows them to understand the meaning of every moment.

In the videos you can check how the children from Blaus class sing out loud and enjoy taking part in those moments. We normally create a bit of expectation when it comes to greet(click here) Mr. Ducky and we play some ‘Where are you?’ games. The children love to play peekaboo and they all want to have a turn trying to discover where to find Mr. Ducky.

Saying goodbye(click here) is always a fun moment too. We encourage the children to give a kiss to Mr. Ducky, to the teacher and to their own classmates and as you can see, sometimes they get really excited about it!

See you in class!

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