Psychopedagogical basis

  • At Mainada, we integrate traditional methodologies with the latest knowledge and new contributions on child development: Maria Montessori, Piaget, Vigostky, Bruner, Reggio Emilia's creativity, early learning with Glenn Doman, Howard Gardner and multiple intelligence and emotional intelligence.

  • Growing up in an environment of love and respect towards oneself and towards others.

  • We empower the child to experience and get to know the world that surrounds him/her from experiences and sensations.

  • Habits and routines help children achieve a good level of autonomy and self-confidence.

Culture of thought

  • We follow a new pedagogical model based on the culture of thought. We use thinking as a pedagogical strategy and thinking routines to promote understanding and learning.

  • We promote the use of visible thinking from Harvard University, as well as other methodologies to encourage analytical, critical and creative thinking.

  • Learning does not reach children only through the transmission of information, real learning occurs when children use that information.

Early learnings

  • Visual, auditory and motor stimulation from the bits, musical hearing and the physical programme, are carried out daily in our center.

  • The greatest period of brain growth occurs between 0 and 6 years.

  • A suitable environment and stimuli will help to start the project that each child has at birth.

  • Part of the task of the early years center is to help develop the enormous potential that each child has within them.

Multiple intelligence

  • We understand learning in a globalized way: concepts, music and art are as important as emotional skills. Each of the learning areas is worked on globally and jointly.

Emotional education

  • Love and affection are the learning engine.

  • Motivation, interest, wanting to overcome new challenges, tolerate negative ones, accept oneself... are key elements that will allow the child to progress in the knowledge of the environment and of his/her own person.

  • Comprehensive training of children capable of feeling, living, being and doing.

Relationship with families

  • We understand that the collaboration and participation of families is key in the educational task.

  • The daily contact of the family with the tutor of each child is important, in order to work together and, thus, promote a harmonious and comprehensive development of the child.

Trilingual school

  • At Mainada we speak Catalan, Spanish and English on a daily basis.

  • For teaching English, we use the TET (ToTal English Teaching) method.

  • Phonetics, vocabulary and some expressions are learned spontaneously from games and songs (ToTal English Teaching).

  • Boys and girls have the innate ability to learn any language naturally and spontaneously during the first months of life.

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