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Own Kitchen

- We have our own kitchen where we prepare homemade menus for all the boys and girls in the center, reviewed by a natural food technician specialist.
- We prepare meals adapted to the needs of children with intolerances, allergies or other types of diets.
- We program a diet partially made with organic ingredients.

Psychopedagogical Counseling

- Psychopedagogical orientation by a psychologist
- Advice to support educational tasks, both at the center and at home

Specialist Teachers

Mainada Early Years Center has English and music teachers.


The school is open from Monday to Friday, from 7.45 am to 6.30 pm.

School calendar

- The course begins the first days of September and ends the last days of July. 
- The school closes for 2 business days during Christmas week and 1 business day at Easter.
- Possibility of attending the summer camp during the first and last week of August.

Pediatric Telemedicine Service

Mainada has signed a collaboration agreement with Barcelona Children's Hospital Foundation through a medical telecare service, connected to the Emergency Service


One day a week, students are given the option of doing the swimmingpool activity.

Physiotherapy Advice

Accompaniment of our children by a physiotherapist specialized in neurodevelopment.

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