Hello families!

Today we are here to show you how fun are our English classes in Violetes class. We love singing songs and dancing along, but one of the things that we love the most is playing peek-a-boo. These types of games are great to work developing children’s eye tracking and coordination. It also engages them to play with their classmates and to create bonds with their teacher. We can use any type of fabric material, such as scarves, blankets… but also our own hands, a paper… We encourage you to play at home and have a great time with your children. In class this month we have been singing the TET Peek-a-boo song that says:

We are playing Peek-a-boo

You see me, now you don’t

1,2,3,4 where are you?

I don’t know.

It also helped us to introduce counting the numbers as a normal routine during our English class and we use a little ball to count to 5 every day.  Once we have done the peek-a-boo game we take the ‘1,2,3,4 where are you?’ part and we count all together up to 5.

Have a look at the pictures below and check those big smiles in their faces.






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