One, two, my hat is blue…



Dear families,

Welcome to the English class one more year! In this post we want to show you a little bit of how we work throughout the TET (Total English Teaching) method. Our dearest mascot, Mr. Ducky, helps us to introduce the class and all the material, and he also leads us through our strong routine. Every day we greet our classmates and our teacher, we check what’s the weather like, how do we feel and we do a quick review to all the colours of the rainbow. We also improve our vocabulary by singing new songs every week.

This week, at Liles class we have sung ‘The Hat Rhyme’ and we loved it! We reviewed colours, prepositions and numbers and we played peekaboo. We also loved trying them on ourselves and trying them on Mr. Ducky too!

We recorded a little bit of our daily class for you to check and enjoy at home with the children!

And remember…

“1, 2 my hat is blue,

3, 4 I’ll give it to you.

1, 2 my hat is green,

3, 4 it’s under my chin.

1, 2 my hat is red,

3, 4 it’s on my head.

1, 2 my hat is black,

3, 4 behind my back.

1, 2 my hat is white,

3, 4 I fly my kite.

1, 2 my hat is yellow,

3, 4 I give to my fellow.”





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