Joc heurístic



Hi, parents of the Liles class,

Today we’ll show you how we play with the heuristic game. For us it is a very important activity since we do it once a week and the game is the best way for children to learn!

The heuristic game has three very distinct and distinct parts.

Initially the educator prepares the material in a free space of other game materials. In each session, 3 or 4 types of different objects are selected and these are objects that are not cataloged as toys. They can be natural or recycled materials … for example: stones, pineapples, sponges, chains, rings, pieces of cloth, ropes, ribbons, hose …

With all these materials, children are investigating, learning to put and remove, to open and close, to pairing, to make comparisons between objects due to their characteristics: what is greater, what makes more noise, which is longer, which one inside the pot …

Finally the activity ends when the material is collected. In doing so, children learn to structure their thoughts when classifying objects by placing them in the corresponding box, learning to differentiate one’s materials from others and classify them.

We hope you like the photos!

See you soon.


Jesica [/ cs_column]



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