Extraescolars d’anglès ( English afterschool )



Hello everyone,

We give great importance to the learning of the English language because it’s a big must for all jobs and careers of the future and we want your children to be well prepared.

Three years ago we started working with TET Education’s system in all our classes and it seems to be working great so we decided to also use it for our afterschool classes. This method is based on the knowlegde that creating an enviroment where the child is treated and spoken as native is the best way to teach a new language. So we have divided the children by age groups and from 17:15 to 18h we have fun, we sing, we dance, we paint, we talk…always in english and in a good mood.

Will leave a picture of the dates and times for you to consider. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call,  send an email or ask Teacher Laia.

Thank you very much,




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