English a P1

Hello dear parents!

We hope you had a lovely Christmas and we hope this year is a great year for all!

This semester in P1 we are going to start reviewing the vocabulary and concepts that we have been working on in the previous semester, as it is important to continue retaining all that has been learnt so far, such as the colours, the animals, numbers 1-10, greeting, the weather, the emotions and different vocabulary related to clothes, transport or body parts. All this is done through the TET system, Total English Teaching, and therefore songs are used, as well as the American sign language, to aid the learning of the English language.

At the same time, we are also continuing widening our learning, and this semester we are also going to work on actions,  some basic prepositions, counting, and more vocabulary. As with P2, the different classes in P1 vary in their developmental stage and therefore, the learning is adapted to each class stage.

The children are loving Mr Ducky and learning English through songs and games!

Love from Mr Ducky and Issy

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