Coloured water



Hello families,

We are back with another English blog and this time we want to show you how we combine the project we are working on this school year and the English language. As you know well, this year we are working throughout Barcelona and its characteristics, and in particular, this trimester we are learning all about Gaudí and Miró. To connect with Miró’s art and colourful artwork we have done a very fun activity in Verds class.

We have used four glass jars, water and food colouring. We used the VESS routine ‘Wheel of Wonder’ to feel, explore and discover what happens to water when we add food colouring. We had a blast discovering four of Miró’s colours in the water: red, yellow, blue, black… look at our faces in the pictures! And if you want to have some fun at home, I encourage you to try it and see what happens!




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